Carepacks Army

Do you want to become an ambassador and/or product tester for new healthy and more sustainable products?

#CarePacks should always be the best at understanding the customer, target groups, and trends. We aim to ensure the most effective way to introduce new, healthy, and sustainable products.


We need your help with this! Apply here today and let us know what you are most interested in:


«I find it incredibly exciting and rewarding to work with CarePacks. They are genuine in everything they do, and along the way, it's the strong attitudes and values that determine the next steps. They look to the future and focus on what's good for you, making it easier for you to make good choices. I am challenged and learn a lot. At the same time, it's very fun to be allowed to develop, use my voice, and represent something that is so positive for you, those who work with CarePacks, and the society we live in today!» 

Marthe Kristoffersen

We care

CarePacks is built around the UN's sustainability goals for good health, decent work and economic growth, and responsible consumption and production. We are grateful for the support of everyone who contributes to our shared mission of making the world a better place to be. All our products are packed by the skilled people at work and inclusion companies in Norway.


We are Eco-Lighthouse certified!

We use the system to implement effective and profitable environmental improvements in areas such as work environment, waste management, energy use, purchasing, and transport, where relevant topics such as food waste and plastic are included.

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