About us

CarePacks AS was established in Vinterbro outside Oslo in 2016, with a goal of making it easier for people in a busy daily life to choose both healthier and smarter energy boosts.


May-Rita Co-founder and COO

May-Rita, the founder of CarePacks, feels that the selection of healthier snack products is lacking in grocery stores. It's generally hard to find healthy snack products without compromising on taste. That's why she started CarePacks – healthy and tasty snacks for a day with more energy.

Tonje Co-founder & nutrition expert

Tonje is a nutrition specialist and co-founder of CarePacks. She has been working as a nurse since 2007 and has extensive experience in the rehabilitation field. Tonje has a master's degree in Community Nutrition and is passionate about diet and health promotion, both at work and privately. Through CarePacks, Tonje wants to use her expertise to offer you healthier alternatives in everyday life.

Founder Team

CarePacks consists of dedicated employees working to make it easier for people to make healthy, sustainable choices in a busy daily life. The team has extensive experience from various sectors including big data analytics, consumer insights, branding, marketing, fitness & nutrition.

Stig Ola Johansen

Co-founder & Daglig leder


May-Rita Kappfjell

Co-founder & COO


Vi bryr oss

CarePacks is built around the UN's sustainability goals of good health, decent work and economic growth, and responsible consumption and production. We are grateful for the support of everyone who contributes to our common mission of making the world a better place. All our products are packed by the skilled people at work and inclusion companies in Norway.


We are Eco-Lighthouse certified!

We use the system to implement effective and profitable environmental improvements in areas such as work environment, waste management, energy use, purchasing, and transport, where relevant topics such as food waste and plastic are included.

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