Ruby Chocolate

...has received the distinction at The Great Taste Awards 2023! This is one of the largest and most prestigious gastronomic competitions in the world, considered the Oscars of the food industry!


Interested in becoming an ambassador and/or product tester for new healthy and more sustainable products?


Delicious, healthy, and 100% plant-based apple chips that have been slowly dried to achieve a crunchy texture. Eplegull (Apple Gold) is available in flavors: Natural, Ruby Chocolate, Dark Vegan Chocolate, and Cinnamon.



Healthy snacks in large and small packages.



A gift with triple consideration for employees, partners, or someone you love! A package that combines tasty treats and charity. For every package you buy, CarePacks sends 1 emergency ration to UNICEF's efforts for starving children.


We care

CarePacks is built around the UN's sustainability goals of good health, decent work and economic growth, and responsible consumption and production. We are grateful for the support of everyone who contributes to our common mission of making the world a better place. Most of our products are packed by the skilled people at work and inclusion companies in Norway.



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Carepacks AS

... was established in Vinterbro outside Oslo in 2016, with a goal of making it easier for people in a busy daily life to choose both healthier and smarter energy boosts.